John Davis (1605–1705) married Margaret Willard (1605–1669)
Parents of John Davis I

John Davis I (1652–before 17 September 1712 in Wales) married Abigail Cook (1646–1690)
Parents of John Christopher, Sarah, and Samuel

John Davis (1680–20 January 1721 in Derby, New Haven, Connecticut, United States) married Sarah Chatfield (1686–1721)
Parents of Joseph Davis 1708–1772, Daniel Davis 1710–1789, Mindwell Davis 1712–1713, Abigail Davis 1713–Deceased, Rachael Davis 1716–1808, Elizabeth Davis 1719–Deceased

Daniel Davis (10 January 1710–20 March 1789 in Derby, New Haven, Connecticut Colony, British Colonial America) married Ruth Wooster (30 March 1722–16 March 1811 in Derby, New Haven, Connecticut Colony, British Colonial America)
Parents of 8 children including Ethiel

Ethiel Davis (15 February 1756–15 May 1801 in Derby, New Haven, Connecticut Colony, British Colonial America) married Christina Margaret Hubbard (about 1762–14 February 1858 in Cherry Valley, Otsego, New York, United States)
Parents of Hannah Naomi Davis, Sarah Davis, Alice Davis, Adam Davis, Margaret Davis, Jacob Davis, Amelia Davis, Ethel Davis, Frederick Hubbard Davis


Adam Hubbard (1737–1784) married 26 Oct 1762 in Trinity Lutheran Church, New York City to Catherine Elizabeth Koons (1741–Deceased)
Parents of Christiana Margaret (Hubbard) Davis
Adam Hubbard was born about 1734. His birthplace is unknown, but may have been in Germany. He married Christine Catherine Koons in New York City's Trinity Lutheran Church on October 26, 1762.

At the outbreak of the Revolution, Hubbard had a 200 acre farm in Turlough Township, Tryon County, south of the Mohawk River in upstate New York (present day Cherry Valley, Otsego County) During the 1776 campaigns around Albany and Fort Ticonderoga, Hubbard was apparently harassed by the Tryon County Committee of Safety and forced to either join them or leave his home. Military records indicate that Adam Hubor, aged 43, enlisted on October 25, 1777 in Munro’s Company of the Kings Royal Regiment of New York. The First Battalion wore green coats and were known as Johnson’s Royal Greens. The Battle of Saratoga was fought on September 19 and October 7, 1777. The British soldiers, who included Adam Hubbard, retreated northward for eight miles, where they were trapped. They surrendered to General Horatio Gates on October 17. Hubbard was held prisoner at Albany and later in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. While imprisoned, Hubbard's farm was confiscated by the Tryon County Commissioners of Sequestration. Hubbard escaped from Lancaster Gaol in the fall of 1778, and reunited with his family on Staten Island. He is listed as a New York City shoemaker between 1781 and 1783.

The Hubbards left in the third fleet of evacuees from New York in early October 1783 aboard the HMS Clinton with their daughter Margaret and her husband, Loyalist Sgt. Ethiel Davis. They were originally bound for Quebec, where Hubbard was entitled to land as a Kings Royal Regiment of New York veteran, but the Clinton landed at Shelburne, Nova Scotia on October 26, 1783. Adam Hubbard drowned, possibly while helping to operate a temporary light house on McNutt Island in the harbour. His daughter Margaret later stated “my father was drowned, April 15, 1784, leaving my mother with a family of five children, two sons and three daughters”.

Christiana Margaret Hubbard was born in December 22, 1764 in the Mohawk River Valley settlement of Cherry Valley, Otsego County, New York. Her parents were Adam Hubbard and Catherine (Koons) Hubbard. On August 17, 1783, she married Loyalist soldier Sgt. Ethiel Davis in New York. Her parents were also Loyalists and left New York with Margaret and Ethiel as refugees on October 24, 1783, originally bound for Quebec on the ship Clinton. They landed in Shelburne, Nova Scotia. After Adam Hubbard drowned in the spring of 1784, Ethiel, Margaret, and Margaret's widowed mother Catherine left Shelburne for Weymouth, Digby County in July 1784 and lived at Siseboo. They arrived at Westport, Digby, Nova Scotia in 1789, the seventh family to settle on Brier Island. In 1828, the widowed Margaret got tied up in a land dispute on Brier and Long Islands and walked 300 miles to the colonial authorities in Halifax to have her claim to the lands successfully settled. She passed away in Westport on February 14, 1858, and is buried with her husband in Hilltop Cemetery

Capt. Samuel Bancroft Davis

Frederick Hubbard Davis (14 October 1801–11 September 1883 in Westport, Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada)) married Azuba Magray (1803–1871)
Parents of Mary Elizabeth Davis, Hannah Durkee Davis, Emiline Davis, Benjamin Davis, Sarah S Davis

Alice Jane Hutchins Bailey (1848 - 1922) married Samuel Bancroft Davis (1843 - 1917)
Parents of Oscar Lawrence Davis; Ralph Harold Davis and Mary Beatrice Davis

Mary Beatrice Davis (1867 - 1949) married Dr. Melbourne Edward Armstrong (1866 - 1931)
Parents of Dr. Maurice Whitman Armstrong

Dr. Maurice Whitman Armstrong (1905 - 1967) married Irene Margaret MacDonald (1907 - 1988)
Parents of Sheila, Christina Margaret, Ainslie, and adopted brother John

Christina Margaret Armstrong (1937 - 2017) married James Edward Brouse (1932 - 2020)
Parents of David, Daniel, and Timothy

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