William Matlock (abt. 1500 - abt. 1558) married Elizabeth (Jackson) Matlock (abt. 1500 - abt. 1520)
Parents of John B. Matlock

John B. Matlock (abt. 1520 - abt. 1566) married Maryon (Graye) Matlock (abt. 1519 - abt. 1570)
Parents of William Matlack

William Matlack (bef. 1531 - 1594) married Elizabeth Matlack (abt. 1535 - abt. 1600)
Parents of John Matlack, Dorothy Matlack, John (Matlack) Matlock and George Matlack

John (Matlack) Matlock (1560-7 Apr 1626 in Cropwell Bishop, Nottinghamshire, England) married Margaret (Ashe-Asse) Matlock (1563 - 1628)
Parents of George (Matlack) Matlock

George (Matlack) Matlock (1606-15 Nov 1658 in Cropwell Bishop, Nottinghamshire, England) and Jane (Hall) Matlack (b. 15 March 1605)
Parents of John Thomas Matlock, George (Matlack) Matlock, Dorothy (Matlack) Pritchett, William Matlack, Elizabeth Matlack and Thomas Matlack


Hancock Coat-of-Arms

Richard Hancock (Born 1480 in Derby, Derbyshire, England - 1507) wife unknown
Father of John Hancock

John Hancock (Born 1506 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England - 1538)
Father of Thomas Hancock Sr and Richard Hancock Sr

Thomas Hancock Sr (1525 - Died after 1550 in Devon, England) wife unknown
Father of John Hancock and Thomas Hancock jr.

Thomas Hancock jr. (Born 1550 in London Middlesex England - 1580) married Agnes (Nickolls) Hancock (1553 - 1580)
Parents of Johannes Hancocke and William Hancock Sr.

Johannes Hancocke (Born 1567 in Brailes, Warwickshire, England - 1653) wife unknown
Father of Richard Hancocke

Richard Hancocke (about 6 Oct 1596 in Brailes, Warwickshire, England - about 16 Jun 1661 in Brailes, Warwickshire, England) married Elizabeth (Beavington) Hancocke (abt. 1599 - 1627)
Parents of Joan Hancock, Ann Hancock, John Hancock, Philipa Hancock, Margaret Hancock, Nicholas Hancock, Ann Hancock and Mary Hancock

John Hancock (26 Jan 1619 in Brailes, Warwickshire, England - 1688 in Warwickshire, England) married Anna (Winding) Hancock (1622 - 1668)
Parents of Mary (Hancock) Matlack

William Matlack (1648 - 1728) married Mary (Hancock) Matlack
Parents of Jane, John Matlack, George Matlack, Mary (Matlack) Morgan, William Matlack, Richard Matlack, Timothy Matlack, Joseph Matlack and Sarah (Matlack) Haines

George Irwin (1685 in Londonderry, Ulster, Londonderry, Northern Ireland - November 29, 1748 in Brandywine Manor, West Nantmeal, Chester County, Pennsylvania) and Jane Irwin (Matlack) (July 02, 1699 in Mt. Holly, Burlington, New Jersey, United States - June 25, 1748 in West Brandywine, Chester County, PA)
He came to America in 1718 with his family and settled first at Mt Holly, New Jersey. Moved to Honeybrook, Pa in 1738. His house stood until 1992 (a three-story structure.) A stone wall in Honeybrook built by George Irwin still stands.
Jane -- In England the family spelled name "Matlock". Changed to "Matlack" in America.
Jane, a Quaker by birth married George, a Presbyterian. She met George because he was indentured to her father at the time. She would have been ostracized for marrying out of the religion. They did live with her brother, Joseph for a time before moving to Philadelphia. Parents of William Irwin; Archibald Irwin; George Irwin; Francis Irwin; Jared Irwin; John Nathaniel Irwin; Mary Irwin and Letitia Irwin

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