Bullard Family

Updated Sept. 29, 1997

First Generation in New England

  1. Robert Bullard(-1639)&Anne. Children included:
    1. Anne Bullard
    2. Maudlin Bullard

Some Sources

  1. The Dana Family in America

    Elizabeth E. Dana 1956

    "She [Anne Bullard] was the daughter of Robert and Anne Bullard and had come withher parents as a child in 1635 to Watertown in New England... His daughters Anne and Maudlin Bullard owned in 1639 three acres of upland in Watertown..."

    Gives male line for 5 generations and refers to "Bullard and Allied Families" published with research by J.Gardner Barlett. Detroit 1930

My Line

  1. John Bullard
  2. John Bullard
  3. Henry Bullard
  4. William Bullard
  5. Robert Bullard(-1639)&Anne
  6. Anne Bullard&Richard Dana(abt1617-1690)
  7. Jacob Dana(1655-1698)&Patience(-bef June 3,1712)
  8. Samuel Dana(1694-1770)&Susanna Starr(1694-1731)
  9. Abigail Dana(1722-1808)&Joseph Grow(1717-1782)
  10. Priscilla Grow(1746-1818)&Thomas Howard(1742-1807)
  11. Lois Howard(1779-1842)&Thomas Soule(1783-1819)
  12. Thomas Howard Soule (1810-1900)&Margaret Albertson Dunham(1810-1879)
  13. Mary Elvira Soule (1850-1942)& Anthony Dennis Hall(1845-1925)
  14. George Anthony Hall(1880-1963) & Faith Pomeroy(1883-1969)

Line of Richard Dana author of Two years before the Mast

  1. Richard Dana(abt1617-1690)&Anne Bullard
  2. Daniel Dana(1664-)&Naomi Croswell
  3. Richard Dana()&Lydia Trowbridge
  4. Francis Dana(-1811)-first American ambassador to Russia
  5. Richard Dana()
  6. Richard Henry Dana(1815-)-author,sailor,lawyer