Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Chairman William Kennard
Commissioner Susan Ness
Commissioner Harold Furchtgott-Roth
Commissioner Michael Powell
Commissioner Gloria Tristani

Dear Commissioners:

Pursuant to my recent email, this is an attempt to clarify my point of view:

Since 1994, I have been publishing on the Internet and the world wide web.

It was immediately apparent that I had certain responsibilities when it came to "push versus pull" technologies. For instance, I made a deliberate attempt not to push computer programs (such as Java, and Java Script), cookies or other potentially harmful files.

I've memorialized my sentiments on related events in the form of a letter to the DOJ, and a formal complaint filed with the FTC, as I believe this represents a trend toward unsafe conditions for property. And, should these potential security breaches effect our national infrastructure, it could represent unsafe conditions to life.

This letter is directed to your office, in that it appears you have regulatory interest and purview in this matter.

I would be willing to make myself available to afford testimony in any open hearings on this or directly related issues, as it appears clear that this trend and these events have the potential to cause material harm to my business and the industry in general. Also, I am willing to afford expert guidance to your office in any preparations which lead to hearings on this matter.

Please respond to these matters at your earliest possible convenience.

Thank you.


cc: Senator Rick Santorum
Senator Arlen Specter
John McCain, Chairman of Comm., Science, And Trans. Committee

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