The Economics Of Y2K
(a cost and benefits study of the year 2000 computer problem)


D. Brouse, D. Brouse, T. Brouse, M. Hammel, and S. Mukherjee
Started in 1995


Pursuant to the work of Wonnacott and Wonnacott (An Introduction To Microecomics, McGraw-Hill) in the area of technology, growth and employment, how does economic theory explain Y2K?

Once an economy puts it's unemployed back to work, there is a limit to what growth can occur without severe consequences. One of the only known methods to grow an economy past this limit, is to improve technology. When technology is improved, workers may be able to become more productive.

However, improvements in technology may result in a lower demand for workers. "For example, when new weaving machinery was introduced during the industrial revolution, some textile workers lost their jobs."

The Costs and Benefits of Y2k


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