The Golden Rule's Social Justification

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I suppose the game of life,
Is non-cooperative,
If I'm just looking for strife,
I'll only take...
And, forget how to give.

The Golden Rule's Social Justification:
The balancing of the human condition,
The Golden Rule's Social Justification:
May be resulting in our eradication?

"the best responses,
Of all players,
Are in accordance
With each other."

Ohhh, (Sister n') Brother:
I hate to burst your bubble,
But, we're in trouble.
Why be a naysayer,
Why take the chance,
... or chances?

Hanging in the scales of justice,
Is a must for us,
Which way will we let it tip,
Or, will our grasp just slip?

Let's make responsibility,
A reality?
Can we start to:
Sympathize... realize... synergize?

Or, is it toooooo late?
Oooooh... why did we wait?

Are we already there,
With a noticeable tear,
A flaw in the social fabric,
Ya know?
To the 2nd's rack we go!

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The Golden Scales Of Justice

2003; First Publication April 1, 2003 The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment Publishing Company &
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