In the early 1990's, a think-tank started to coagulate. The individuals came to an agreement that the mission is World Peace.

1994 was established as a testing area - an experiment in World Peace.

By 1995, the think-tank had been working on best-case and worst-case scenarios. A decision was made to publish the worst-case scenario in an attempt to help prevent such a world - The Impact of Governance & Globalization on Forecasting

The study basically states humans are determined to invoke self-annihilation. The question then becomes, how will humans adapt along the path to self-annihilation. The conclusion is there will be The Golden Rule's Social Justification. As the social justification occurs the anarchy of destroying our system will result in martial law and a police state. (see The Sleeping Giant Rages Against The Ghost In The Machine)

From the early days through the present, the think-tank has undertaken a mega epix enormous communications campaign to help avoid the worst-case scenario. Through music, video, scientific and investigative journalism, the Membrane Domain hopes to educate and enlighten.

In 1999, The Human Induced Climate Change Experiment started to be published.

In 2001, the game S.O.S. (aka Playing The Game of Living) was released. Solving the worst-case scenario is currently worth $10,000.