Mudmans Revenge The Album: Play The Game

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This is the first album we recorded using the Guitar Hero World Tour Music Studio. Since it was the first time I tried it, the songs are pretty garage bandish. For instance, I hadn't figured out how to change the scale, so they are all in the key of E. But, that is rock and roll! Just play the game.

  • prelewd.mpg

  • PreLewd was the very first time I ever used the Guitar Hero Studio. It's just a little taste for both you and me. There is only one track - guitar. The rock n' roll innuendo insinuated in the title was on purpose. Yeah, know? Trying to keep the excitement of rock alive!

  • gtr_hero.mpg

  • Guitar Hero uses drum and bass loops with lead guitar. It just seemed like the first full length song should be self-titled.

  • turn_on.mpg

  • Turn on is another double entendre title -- get turned on when you turn on video game. Thus, the incorporation of more risqué animation in the music video.

  • i_am_just_playing.mpg
  • i_am_just_playing_longplay .mpg

  • I Am Just Playing is probably my favorite song on the first album. It was the first time I felt "in the groove" in the studio. It is also a more complex arrangement making us feel more compelled to produce a more complex music video.

  • crowd_control.mpg

  • Crowd Control was the first collaboration with a young female Guitar Hero. Though she doesn't play the real guitar, she did really good writing and recording this little ditty.

  • mudmans_revenge_mixdown.mpg

  • Mudman is probably one of the best gamers I know. Though he usually plays first person shooter games, like Call Of Duty, he can also play on Guitar Hero's expert mode (even though he is not a musician.) On our first collaboration, he gives lead guitarists a challenge. His gamer tag is Hiddensniper. Keep an eye out for him.

  • finally_finale.mpg

  • Finally Finale is the last song on the first album.