Guitar Hero Live The Album: Play With It

Find out more about this video game music.

The name of this album -- Play With It. Why? Because we hoped to get across the point that not only can you listen to this music, you can go on-line and play it as a video game. This album is much more progressive than the first album. We got more experimental with the musical scales, tones, rhythms and video editing. Since the album was titled Playing With It, we thought we'd also play with "it." Each song has the some word play with "it."

  • dog_gone_it.mpg

  • dog_gone_it_reprise.mpg

  • Dog Gone It's music video was shot live during the recording of the lead guitar. I couldn't really figure out how to get the studio to record all the hammer-ons and offs, so I played it live. It is in F# minor with variations.

  • up_under_it.mp3

  • up_under_it.mpg

  • Up Under It goes a little further with the video shoot. A digital video camera was used to film the playing of the lead guitar. The camera was placed up under it. It is in the key of B.

  • do_not_below_it.mpg

  • do_not_blow_it.mp3

  • Do Not Blow It (aka Do Not Below It) has a funny story to tell as it relates to publishing the song. Yes, it is true we enjoy double double entendre innuendos. But, this one didn't seem to fit the bill for censorship. Do Not Blow It was named after the fact that it is difficult to play. It's really advice to myself and others who want to try to play it... do not fail. However, when the song was uploaded to GH Tunes, they refused. They refused because of the name. Hmmm... what to do? Since the previous song was titled Up Under It, why not rename the song Do Not Below It? Microsoft's censors excepted the name. Now, there are two titles for the song. You choose.

  • dontFit.mp3

  • The next song only complicated the publishing business. It was going to be titled Do Not F It. As in, do not fail it... do not get an F on it. It was the first song that I wrote and then tried to play on-line. As it turns out, I couldn't complete the song on expert. What? For crying out loud, I wrote it! Yup, dontFit seemed to fit. The beauty of it being, the censors allowed dontFit. I would have thought that a more controversial title. Anyway, to date... it's my favorite song. See if you can beat it and let me know?

  • go_with_it.mp3

  • Go With It is talking to me and to you. It's a song where musicians need to go with the flow. So... go with it. It is in the key of B minor.
  • what_is_it.mp3

  • What Is It continues the theme. It's a more experimental song, yet still rocks out. What genre is it? It is in the key of C# major.