DotMan Plays Harmonica at the Stir Fry Music Festival

Inevitably, when you heard someone say "DotMan", you would here it followed by, "He's a good guy." Indeed, the MC for the Stir Fry Music Revival is a good guy; however, many people had not realized how talented he is. I heard one professional musician say, "I have known DotMan for 10 years but did not know he could play the harmonica like that!"

In between bands, DotMan would come on stage, play a couple tunes and introduce the next act. I found myself making sure I did not miss this time "between bands." Luckily, it was pretty easy to track DotMan. Where ever he goes, he leaves a trail of people that have been dotted with his florescent stickers. He dotted my all access pass and even put the dot on my KingArthur Dot Com t-shirt.

Real Play Video: DotMan On Harmonica at Stir Fry Music Festival

DotMan MC's the Stir Fry Music Revival

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