Can You Divide By Zero?

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*** S.O.S. *** = Mudman
City = Blacksburg
state = VA
age = 18
citizen of = US
Religious affiliation = NA
SOS Answer = There is no solution to the problem given... much in the same way that you cannot divide by 0. Humans have introduced a variable (climate change) into the equation (normal environmental activity) and the resulting reaction cannot be reversed. We must see this through to the end. All we can do is account for variable change and attempt to dampen the effects. In a sense we must dilute the products of the reaction. Earth has survived for eons, and earth will survive for eons more. Humans on the other hand may not be so lucky. As a species we are quite young, and self aware. This self awareness grants us the knowledge that we will all perish eventually, through one means or another. When that will happen is the question. Earth has a natural self correcting equilibrium for environmental stability (or else it wouldn't have been able to support life for so long). That process will take time and all we can do is stem the flow of greenhouse gasses and other pollutants that will eventually cause the destruction of our species. Regardless of the resulting economical whiplash it is imperative that government enforces policies to stop emissions of ALL kinds until it is fully understood what their long term implications may be. Slowly, as alternative energy is found we can begin to allow the safe return of society. It is a pressing issue and the only way to do anything about it is to put society on hold. Stop cancer research (as much of it may be cured/elliminated by reducing pollutants), stop computer research (it can wait), stop EVERYTHING and redirect all efforts to the problem at hand. Once the solution is found everything can pick up back where it left off (assuming it wont cause the return of the issue). Right now man-kind is running off a cliff while saying aloud, "this is a bad idea, I know but I can't stop myself".

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