The Past, Present and Future

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name = Jack
comments = I really don't know how to say this, but I ran across your site after typing "I am a philosopher" to google. I liked the article but in search to contact the person who wrote it I scrolled to the bottom and clicked back to main page (don't remember exactly what it said) and it brought me to kingarthur. I feel crazy because I see life in a series of events in a way that open my eyes to what is happening now in my life. I know that didn't make any sense but I'll leave it there and use it as an example of me trying to explain what I feel in my life every day. I have lucid dreaming, epiphanies throughout the day, and a knowledge of human nature and where are world is heading. I am a very strange person, and it hinders a big part of my social life because I have yet to find anyone who understands who I am. My intentions of e-mailing you right now is part of my search to contact people to talk to about anything they want to. Through lucid dreaming I have discovered things that take me away from the media-minded people who live their lives like ants in an ant farm. I have feelings now that it is time to start contacting people who have an open mind and soul. Just a heads up that dyslexia keeps my writing skills at bay so please bare with me. I look forward to a response.
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Dear Jack,

Thank you for making contact.

Yes, you have reached like-minded people.

Here are a couple things we can talk about:
1) King Arthur -- what is the Holy Grail? Does it still exist?

2) Are humans causing their own extinction?

Look forward to hearing back from you.

Daniel of the Help Desk

1) What is the Holy Grail? Does it still exist?
First off you will have to excuse my lack of knowledge to the Holy Grail's history, I know a basic background of it but I think of it as a figure of speech. What is life if we cannot die? Eternal life as a human being on this earth sounds like hell to me, but people live for it every day. The Holy Grail and it's portrayal in Indiana Jones makes most people think it's a physical cup that one can drink out of and gain everlasting life. For 1, we are all an infinite energy so we already have everlasting life just not as a 3rd dimensional human (thank god). Second, people have already drank from the holy grail as soon as you rule out the fact that you will die someday. One of life's most important questions is where you go when you die. You don't know? Neither do I. What is important though is what you believe and what you feel in your soul. Even as cliche' as that sounds it is true that if you don't have any spiritual feelings in your life or no emotions, what are you? In movies, it is portrayed that in the future, machines can do everything bigger and better than humans. If that is true, why do humans always pull through? The moral of the terminator 2 is that emotions gives us our power to prevail and love conquers evil. This story of free will powered by emotions is a great example of exactly what makes us human. Every day we make decisions made based on a mood or a frequency if you will. We as humans should enjoy life and understand our own personal goals and overall meaning in life. I'll get into that later in the next subject. But back on topic with all of that said we see people give up their drive to figure out what life is all about. But why would you stop having emotion and passion towards life? How about being on the price is right and winning A NEW CAR!!! I'll get right into it, people want materials in this day and age, not the answers to life's biggest questions. The problem is with everyone chasing money we have nobody chasing life. Are we all working together as a civilization or are we fighting our way through life working for corporations in exchange for paper? Are these people at the top of the corporations concerned about you and your hardships or what model of land rover to get their kid for their sweet 16 birthday bash? Are the people who are at the top of he power structure worried about the world or are they in their own little world? The answer to that is the world they live in doesn't have the thought that they will die because people with power through money believe that it makes them immortal. The amount of people who feel immortal today is crazy. People live for themselves rather than trying to help each other and create a better society. The pyramids are a good representation of this. Royal bloodlines buried in the structure our economy is based on today. They are often used to describe the rule of life that you can't take materials with you when you die. So if someone wishes to drink from the holy grail you only have to live without life because you can live believing in anything. That is of course excluding that you will always be rich and famous and never die :)

2) Are humans causing their own extinction?
The first answer in my head when I read this question is yes, but it depends on what you consider a human. First to understand what I mean by that let me explain how I see our social classes. We have starving people who have a goal to survive on the bottom, we have the middle that is commonly thought to be the middle class but it is actually all the CEO's and other 7 figure income people. The top are your elite few who no longer desire money or possessions, they now desire power. The affects are a pyramid system that works in a series of hierarchy depending on bloodline and social standing. The theory of the pyramid structure is relevant every day we go to wal-mart, when we eat at McDonald's, and when we watch TV that advertises and influences our lives. We are born into this world thinking that these structures are in our best interest due to the benefits they bring. What do they bring other than a capitalist dream? I will tell you before the extinction of human's, we will see everything operate under control of a system that lacks a human feel. What are kids born into today? A world of opportunity where we have achieved to succeed above animals? I think it's hilarious to think that we are more successful than animals. What do we have that an animal doesn't. I don't see animal money or an animal court. I don't see some animals with a car collection worth millions while other animals starve in an area that has plenty of food. This is an example of what I call harmonic nature. So what do we have that animals do not? The answer to that is within the first 2 pages of genesis. The choice to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil started the imbalance. We as souls, not people, have free will. We as people are enslaved to evil because it won. Every day when you turn on a TV and see the news tell you about death and destruction along with commercials for video games based on war and violence. After the news you have TV shows showing you sex and adult scenario programming that isn't appropriate for children. Why isn't this appropriate? Is it because children aren't "developed" enough to understand? Or is it because it takes away a child's innocent nature to believe the world is a good place? Are children taught or indoctrinated? The answer to all of these questions is that our world is in a destructive imbalance unlike it has ever been in. While some people are optimistic and believe good will prevail and the hardships we are going through now will soon end and the world will become a better place are wrong. Unfortunately unlike history where this is true we have simply come to the end of the line. In the past 100 years we have made such a huge jump in technology and lifestyle that people don't know what to think. It's great right? The funny thing is that even though microwaves look sleeker and cars now have air conditioning in the seats we have really hit a plateau in the evolution of electronics. While our government is bailing out wall-street so they can keep on monopolizing the system and merging big business we are left with a high cost just to survive in this world. Where is the incentive to use water as fuel, solar for power, or hydroponics for food supplies? The dream is there but nobody is letting it happen because of the system that has been created. You can't just let people have things for free right? After all money is all that important to some people. Personally I hate money and everything it supposedly stands for because it is a terrible system that justifies people struggling through life. Want to see mankind pull out of this rut? Everyone should throw their TV's away and meet in the streets to socialize and discuss what is best for everyone. People shouldn't let fear control their lives on a daily bases that allows them to be impulsed by TV commercials, movies, and TV shows that write over our history. Just as it did in history, this civilization will fall. The thing is, this time we as a world will fall and what will become of us I do not know. I know history is in the making right now and I am enjoying the ride. As far as your direct question of will humans cause their own extinction I say yes, but after all the hypnosis of the mass media I wouldn't say it is our fault. Most people are sheep after all.

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