1. Computers are made of 2 types of "ware." What are they?

  2. Before opening a computer, you should make sure of what?

  3. What is the short term memory of the computer called?

  4. What is the long term memory of the computer called?

  5. What is the name of the software that most people use to view the world wide web?

  6. If someone asks for your name on the Internet, what is usually a good idea?

  7. What is your favorite search engine for searching the entire web?

  8. In what language (computer programming code) are web pages written ?

  9. If you want to look at the computer programming code on a webpage, what do you do?

  10. Some webpages contain code that is risky. What are 2 types of codes that we try to avoid? (Hint: Their names are also the names of a food and a beverage.)

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