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by Ryan Dodds and Jimmy Swan with The End
Ryan Dodds -- Vocals, Electric Guitar
Eric Visnov -- Guitar
Anthony Zinno -- Percussion
Daniel Brouse -- Keyboards

Grief .MP3 (Lonely Man Part II)

People come and People go
That's just the way it goes
Why she had to leave me?
God only knows

My heart is full of poison
My eyes are filled with tears
I'm nothing without ya baby
Just a lonely man in fear

Em: You were everything to me woman!
But now your gone!
I'll always love you baby
But I Just cant go on!!!!

Slow..just bass an lil drums

Baby...You know, I'm so sad
Baby...You know, I'm so mad

I'm hurting inside
You know I've cried
Cuz I miss you
People Come and people go
But surely not like this
If I could only hold you
I would give you one last kiss

To get you off my mind
Would make my life just fine
But I don’t have that option
So I might as well just die

The End Of The End... coming to a world near you.
-- The End

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