The End Of The End [Video / .mpeg]

by Eric Visnov, Anthony Zinno, Daniel Brouse

G / Em / C / D

The End / Palace At Farnese Live From Zinno's Lair .MP3

The End Of The End .MP3 (with additional acoustic guitar by Dom Gambone)

The End Of The End Part 1 .MP3

The End Of The End Into Palace At Farnese .MP3 This live version goes right from track 1 into track 2.

Days are done, come and gone
There’s nothing here among the ashes
All that was, has never been
Vanished away in just an instant

Swinging along the stars, and fly
The past is only what’s for certain
How could eyes ever preceive this
Could a mind really forsee it?
This is the end of…
… The End.