Start Here by The End

The End is a music group, band, video, movie project started in 1994.
The End is about the end of The End and something new... begins.


Hurry up and wait Get into line to hesitate And anticipate the fate of being late Enough debate I’m running to participate Before I expire Going to keep climbing higher My purpose is clear Breathing the atmosphere Holding life so dear The End is always too near Chorus So glad to be here Heartfelt […]

This Is Getting Old

When getting old is getting old No matter what you’ve been told Can’t even define your own decline Into the abyss of “can’t believe this” Lose your mind and lose your bowels Mumbling consonants as though they’re vowels Can’t even deny nor even try Can’t even say why you’re in decay Growing old has […]

Feedback Loop

It won’t be that long now ’til we see reality Hoping there is somehow We can adapt quickly Have you heard the scoop On the feedback loop Painstaking Accelerating Exasperating Eliminating A new day is dawning For some The End… others anew Light and darkness spawning Giving birth. Which are you? Chorus On the […]


The strangest dream I’ve ever seen If I could just convey the scene Imparting what it is I mean I mean… Unreal the deal we unseal A seven headed serpent blowing trumpet Hold on a minute. I’m not done yet The fires it spit and the brimstone bit I mean… Unreal the deal we […]


The waves keep rollin’… rollin’ in Makes me wonder… when did it begin? I don’t understand How long they’ve been poundin’ sand How long is always How can there be that many days? The world keeps spinnin’… spinnin’ again Makes me wonder when did it all begin I don’t understand How long has it […]

Out Of Time

Sometimes time is out of time Sometimes time steps out of time Sometimes time is out of time Sometimes you find… out of time My favorite thing with time — It will rhyme with rhyme Time rhyme Time and time again In time, time runs out of time In the end…. — The End […]

Supernatural Is Trending

The supernatural is trending hard today In the most peculiar way Wouldn’t you say? Better hold on tight Gonna be a long night The winds gotta bite Better error toward right We should left wrong along Not so wayward prone Chilled to the bone Chorus Is this The End of Times Devilish riddles… hellish […]

Through The Clearing

Through the clearing I’m seeing The time is nearing Through the clearing I’m hearing The time is nearing Ending If anything is worth endearing Somehow… the time is now Through the clearing I can see More clearly The lack of destiny It all falls on me Falling on me The dust is settling The […]

Only Fear When Near

The End is coming The only thing to fear is how near The End is coming There is no sense in running The only thing to fear is how near From the moment you’re born You’re soon to learn The only for certain Is that I am Marching To some different drumming We’re all […]

The Ending

There’s a cold wind blowing Wrapping itself around your spine Sending shivers up and down mine Can we really be ending The infinity of eternity Is there any uncertainty In the message we are sending There’s a mean storm brewing Revolution of evolution Desolation of our institution Chorus There’s lean times a coming Lacking […]

Once Upon A Time… The End

Is this the beginning of the end Or, the end of the beginning Is it all just relativity to me The spacetime continuum that I am I sure have amassed this mass As long as this mass doesn’t pass I suppose I am the creator of the spacetime […]


Oh, a very influential person (Underworld Don) Ain’t that the understatement of the year? Didn’t wanna worsen (Didn’t wanna dawn) Too much enlightenment I fear Euphoria in the euphemism If it means I am In the clear Do ya need to tame the truth Veiled in the cloak of couth No need to soften […]


I’m not that venomous Compared to the rest of us I’m not that venomous Here’s the thing… It’s my tale that will sting I reckon I am like a scorpion It’s my tale that will sting What? Is the stinger conspicuous? Ahhh… don’t be ridiculous I’m not that venomous Compared to the rest of […]

Out of the Cage Outrage

There should be outrage! Who let you out of your cage? Out of the cage outrage You’ve set the stage For the age of rage There will be outrage When they find you’re out of your cage There should be outrage! Who let you out of your cage? After […]

Silent Scream

Eyes gaze in a daze Eyes glazed in a haze Can either ear hear Are you deaf, my Dear? Chorus Can you see me signaling This is the ending Can you hear me screaming “Dreaming of you listening” Eyes stare… unaware Is anyone in there Do you think it’s cute Playing like a mute […]

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