West Chester Music Festival
September 15-18, 2011

Winners of the Battle of the Bands (Photo finish final results pending):
Queen Ziyah, Ol Skool, G&J, Flux Capacitor, The New Kings Of Rhythm, Sonni Shine & the Underwater Sounds, The Tards, Robert Stephen, Sunflower And The Seeds, The End, UZO, Groove Train Riders, Local Dub, Muscle Shoals Revival, Stephen Vincent Zimnoch, Stephen Dijoseph, Mojo Risin', Dave Ivey, Rick Reinhart and the Cast of Characters, Kev The Drummer, The Snails, Kid Chimney and the Thrash Jazz Assassin's, Rob Snyder Band, Jason Raddatz, Larry Saklad, Emerson, IV, Elizabeth Salvatico, Chester Charles Band, the Paul Kurrey Band, Synnika Lofton and Guerrilla Ignition, Joel Roberts, The Fabulous Taco Brothers, Johnny Never and the Solar Pimps, The Headies, Echoes Talk Back, Verse The End, Patty McCabe, Phil Minissale, Victoria Spaeth an d the Spaeth Cadets

Chairman's Awards:
Bullbuckers, Brixton Saint, Sinners Saints, Trouble City Allstars, Honey Juice, Broosers, Danny Blackwell, Emmett Henry

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