What About the Legend of King Arthur?
Once the domain name, KingArthur.com was acquire, some of the ramifications became instantly apparent.

Though the domain name wasn't publicized, people and things stated trying to find a website at www.kingarthur.com. The viewers would write and ask how to find the URL. And, it didn't matter that the search engines, robots, crawlers and spiders, were not notified... they showed up and probed on their own.

An obligation was felt to put some content on the website. An obligation was also felt to use the name for altruistic purposes. A website began being engineered around the concept and wound up being published as the first anti-IQ test.

The anti-IQ test started de-evolving over time and ended up taking on a life of its own. Since a website can be very interactive, both sides can learn quite a bit. The viewer learned from the servers. The servers learned from the viewers. The learning fed on itself (and still does.)

The anti-IQ test was learning. One of the side-effect of its evolution -- benefiting a reasonable portion of the population. So, perhaps the quest for a perpetual altruism community is at hand?

But, What About the Legend?
If an algorithm for the KingArthur.com website were to be put in writing, it would be hard to name all the variables in the equation. However, at least two of the elements could easily be identified:

  1. Those seeking information on the legend of King Arthur influence KingArthur.com
  2. KingArthur.com influences the legend of King Arthur

A significant portion of the population that randomly landed on KingArthur.com had some sort-of interest in King Arthur. This population was instantly greeted by the anti-IQ test that had become the KingArthur.com homepage. So, by default, the legend of King Arthur became part of the KingArthur.com altruism community's algorithm.

Chaos Theory would suggest this was not random nor a coincident. For, it could be argued that the ideal known as Camelot would make a good model for a perpetual altruism society?

In essence, the legend of King Arthur came to life in KingArthur.com.

If You Are Still Here About the Legend of King Arthur
People appreciate the living KingArthur from different points of view. Some people can see the living King Arthur. Some people can't get the view. This could actually be a good thing. These two types of viewers ended up being each other's complement.

For instance, some viewers would come seeking information on King Arthur's roundtable. These questions helped KingArthur.com learn about the roundtable and incorporate the information into the algorithm.

The more questions viewers asked about the legend of King Arthur, the more the elements of the legend came to life in the modern day model.

More than one viewer came in search of the Holy Grail. This resulted in the living elements of KingArthur.com examining branches of their real life family trees. What KingArthur.com learned about the roots, resulted in the viewer's seeking legendary Arthurian information obtaining new material.

It might be said that the there is a reciprocal relationship between the legend of King Arthur and the model, KingArthur.com. They complement each other.

Some of these resources have been put into a small written collection -- facts and assumptions about the Legend of King Arthur.