Daniel Brouse - Autobiography 2012

Letter #2; March 1, 2012

An Open Letter to My Wife --

Dear Mrs. Janet Childs,
In case I am not making myself clear... my concern is not as to whether you can stick it to yourself, or others, with a broomstick. My concern is to the well being.

I am preparing my autobiography. Much to my regret, Janet Morrison Brouse Childs and Cheryl Sattin are part of it. Should either of you desire any creative control, as you have asserted in the past, please let it be known NOW.

That is to say: I am starting to publish, and that includes this email.

Thank you,

Letter #1; February 23, 2012

Dear Janet Brouse,
It has been quite some time since I requested your assistance in the reduction of my monthly child support payment.

Also, it has come to my attention that both Cheryl Sattin and Jake Griffin misrepresented us in our proceedings. It is my belief that our divorce is not valid. In fact, I have never received any documentation to the contrary. An investigation is underway. Please provide ALL documentation relating to this matter.

Daniel Brouse