To Whom It May Concern:

Under the court ordered agreement, I agreed to be on location for Janet Brouse's November 15, 2006 access to the property located in Blue Bell, PA. She arrived at approximately 9:00 with two of her friends. Dan had already gathered most of Janet's personal items in preparation of her access. She expressed her dissatisfaction with the items and told me I could throw-out what she didn't take.

As she started walking through the house, she expressed further dissatisfaction with the house plants and said, "Something has to be done about this or there is going to be trouble." After her emotional level continued to increase, I picked-up the phone and called you (the lawyer). When your efforts to calm her down failed, she became more enraged. So, I just let her go through the house and tried to stay a room or two behind.

She slammed doors, stomped, yelled, and kicked toys across the kitchen floor. At one point, she was yelling with both hands over her head, and I felt threatened. I stepped back and asked her not to approach me. In order to diffuse the situation, I reminded her that her friends were witnessing this. However, she commanded me to, "Step back!" and threw her arm, again. So, I moved away.

The situation continued to deteriorate to a point where she wrapped a Christmas wreath around her neck, asked her friend to take a picture and went out the door. As she exited, she addressed my son with profanities about his Uncle Dan.

My earlier conversation with you led me to believe there wouldn't be any problems. I only hope she can resolve these matters more amicably in the future.


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