To Our Lawyer:

I have some comments and concerns regarding Janet's recent visit to remove her personal items from the residence:

My understanding of the meeting was that Janet was to stop by to pick up some personal items that she had listed previously to Daniel. Daniel had gathered what he could from the list and had placed the items near the front door. My understanding was that she would not need to enter the main residence. I further understood that she had had a conversation with David to schedule the meeting and that the tone of that conversation was friendly.

When she arrived it became immediately clear threat she had prepared herself for a confrontation. She showed up with two vehicles as well as two friends. She immediately became antagonistic towards David and quickly worked herself into an uncontrolled rage. At one point I heard David ask her not to approach him in a threatening manor to which she responded "Then move back!" She proceeded to walk around the house listing items that needed to be addressed or that she found unacceptable and taking pictures. She complained about the dog and plants and was screaming so that her friends (and David's son who was home sick from school and recovering on the couch) could hear her from the front of the house about items that she could not find. She rooted through Daniel's personal papers in the drawers and again screamed at David when he told her she had no right to. She then went down into the basement and came back up with a piece of Christmas garland around her neck as a trophy and struck a pose with it while she had her friend take a picture. It was clear from the onset that she had a specific agenda other than what was agreed upon. She was clearly emotionally out of control.

As I am now living at the residence I feel concern about her further visits. I am also concerned about having her involved with the Realtor with regard to scheduling appointments and with the staging of the home for sale. Janet's goals are apparently more toward causing emotional damage to Daniel than in moving forward with the divorce or the sale of the house.

Thanks for your attention,

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