Court Of Common Pleas Montgomery County, Pennsylvania No. 07-10101 and No. o7-10528

Disclaimer as it relates to Alta Design, Inc., Timothy M. Brouse, Michelle B. Brouse, and Cheryl Sattin, as well as, their lawyers: Berlinger & Small, Richard W. Berlinger, Ernest Sasso, Cozen O'Connor and Thomas G. Wilkinson, Jr.

As of the 18th day of July, 2007, upon Plaintiffs' Alta Design Associates, Inc., et al, Timothy Brouse, Michelle Brouse, and Cheryl Sattin, the following disclaimer solely pertains to the publication and circulation of allegedly defamatory statements and messages on websites.

Defendants, jointly and severally, are cooperating inter se to immediately exercise all technically necessary acts and efforts to (i) permanently remove from any and all online locations, websites, mirror sites, or redirected sites, or any other medium, any and all content that is allegedly defamatory -- including but not limited to text and photographs (as depicted in their exhibits) along with all translations of said websites into Spanish and Italian, and any and all content currently or previously appearing on the Hosting Websites on pages title "Why not stop child abuse now," and "Child Abuses Prevention: Attention Janet Morrison Brouse," and "Cheryl Sattin, Lawyer A law firm with offices in Blue Bell, PA;" "Step-by-Step Guide on How We Were Abused by a Woman, Wife and Mother,"The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America" and similarly titled pages and/or pages containing similar content or themes, and all references on the Hosting Websites to Cheryl Satiin and "Cheryl Satin" by these or any other name, and websites or online locations linked therefrom, as well as all sites translating such Web Content into foreign languages (together the "Related Content" or "Web Content"); (ii) permanently remove any and all links, hyperlinks, or metadata referring to or containing any Related Content on the Hosting Websites or any other websites or online locations; (iii) portals including but not limited to, Google, Yahoo, Copernic, Dog Pile, Lycos, MSN Search,, Vivisimo, and WebBrain, to remove any and all Related Content from their search results.

Free Speech

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