Please Help Stop Domestic Violence

People ask, "What was the most painful thing you had to endure while you were being abused?"

Sure, the emotional pain of watching your children being abused is brutal. The sexual abuse (and guilt associated with it) is no fun, either. But, if asked about the physical abuse of domestic violence, the most painful experience that comes to mind is probably not what one would expect.

Yes, the fists hurt. The blow from the wedding ring to the shin left the right leg with a chronic injury. Getting kicked by boots also left a lasting impression. On the other hand, fingernails drawing blood was not only painful at the time, but often resulted in infection. However, the attack that hurt the most was getting money thrown in my face. Part of this included, a brand new $100 bill being used to put a papercut on my eyeball. My eye watered for days and days. I never regained the same level of vision.

Please help stop domestic violence. Thank you.


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