In general, marriage is a contract between a man, a woman and God.

Is marriage the most important contract that one can enter into? Who is most adversely effected by the breaking of the marriage contract? Well, perhaps the answers to both of these questions depend on your feelings about children. Many people believe that their children are the most important things in life. And, usually the children are hurt most by the breaking of the marriage contract. Could one go so far as to say that in the case of a marriage where there are children -- divorce is child abuse?

From a legal standpoint, one might argue that children are not a direct party to a marriage contract. So, what party to a marriage contract is most adversely effected by the breaking of the contract? Is it God? Has God ever broken a marriage contract?

In any event, it would appear that a human breaking a marriage contract causes damage(s) to God and God's children.

This website is dedicated to a case of study of an alleged contract breaker, Janet Brouse, and those that are believed to have assisted: Cheryl Sattin, Esquire; Thomas Wilkinson, Esquire; Dick Berlinger, Esquire; Robert Small, Esquire; Timothy Brouse; Michelle Brouse; Ernie Sasso, Esquire; the law firm of Cozen O'Connor; Linda Waechter; Cheri Quesenberry; Joi Caplan; Keith Childs; Pastor Langdon Palmer; Cathy Morgan; Jane Morrison; Laurie Swift; Steven Cherok; Cindy Cherok; Kim Stone; Jeffrey Stone; the Montgomery County Sheriffs Department; the Whitpain Township Police Department; and, the Montgomery County District Attorney.

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