One can get pretty sad when they are all alone. After they’ve been beaten by their spouse over and over again... after they’ve seen their son beaten... their daughter terrorized... the hours of mental abuse... the shame of the sexual abuse that has been dealt to me... well, one can get pretty sad when they’re left alone.

Why would a spouse do this to a family? Why rip the love to shreds?

Sorry to say, this is a true story. A recollection of how a spouse, a brother, a church and the legal system created a sad tale -- a tale of how to fail the children.

Since it's about a wife beating her husband, it may be hard to believe. It may be even harder to believe this wife is a mother who beats her son. I'd never received an adequate understanding of discrimination until this sexual discrimination reigned down on me. There is no hope for a husband. There is no hope for a father. My only hope is -- by telling how my son, daughter, and I were abused... well, perhaps... others might not be abused.

... please stay tuned.

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