Doctor Please! Doctor, Please!

Original songs written in doctors' waiting rooms, hospitals and hospice.

When this album started, I didn't think it would end in death. Hopefully, it will give hope and inspiration to others.

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Vortex Of The Flush

I heard a sound I opened an eye Looked around n’ quickly found The sound’s a sigh Saw a mother worry About her ba-aaby And another scurry To try n’ save me An intuition For solution Evolution Adaptation The only hope… for our salvation Against the current Rush, rush, rush The present is current […]

Owner Of A Lonely Pulse

The thrill will cause a thrill To run up my spine The deal is real We’ll all be fine Still alive… and from what I can tell Still alive… and doing… well…. Enhance the skill to dance Listening to the beat Feel the appeal Of shuffling feet Quick, quick play the music To make […]

Alpha To Omega

Alpha to omega? Creator debater Which came first — egg or chicken When and where did life begin Why cross the road… are you chicken? When and where did life begin Alpha to omega? Creator debater Is it time to grow a spine Do you find slithering just fine Or is it time to […]

How Is Your Moment?

Long ago You had to dial your phone … twist a parking meter Learn to push the coin return Earn to learn Learn to earn Know forego Stagnation Into the future roam Fortune on the pinnacle Watch it teeter Watch it totter Teeter totter Don’t let nostalgia Get to ya The good ole times […]

Found Foundation

We’ve found foundation A movement based on solid rock Taking stock in a phonic nation We’ve found “ation” Motivation. Stimulation. Activation. Found foundation Tap your footers See your saws jig Blocks of solid rock We’ve found foundation The notion of a movement A motion for a foundation Gyration. Vibration. Sensation We’ve found “ation” Found […]

Going Nuclear

“What are you waiting for?” 1,2,3,4… For four minutes or more “What I’ve been waiting for” Let me make it clear … going nuclear (I’d rather not be here) Radiate the foe A cancer growth must go When you’ve cut out his heart Yet, he will not depart I fear… You’ve got […]

Waiting Room

But, but, but… but… I don’t need to wait for room If, and, and but There’s plenty of room waiting Not waiting for gloom and doom There’s no room for debating Navigating anticipating In the waiting room Time to move along Compose a song Write what is right In the wellness fight Don’t let […]

The Damn Damage

The damn damage At any age A clean page From damn damage Older, wiser The sage Life’s miser Engage Helping the blind to see To be all you can be Helping the lame to walk The same for the mute to talk To be all we can be Damn damage free Trying to cure […]


What about us Are we generous Have we felt Opportunities to help The hand dealt Understand A hand to hold Behold Generosity A sign of humanity Curiosity Of insanity Can you have wealth And mental health? The richer you are Makes compassion far Come in close For love’s dose Generosity Some fine ‘ole humanity […]

I Have To Go

Just thought you should know I gotta go The pace of this show is too slow Oh no no no no I gotta go Have I made you aware I’m outta there The pace of this show is slo-mo Oh no no no no I gotta go Am I being […]

On The Lighter Side

Heavy on the light side Light on the bright side Making the gray go away Growing more and more leery Of reigning on the dreary May sunlight’s ray Come your way Sunshine does fine To lighten your day Growing more and more tired Of bureaucrats mired May politicians you slay Clear the way Logic […]


Chinese water torture Drip, drip, drip Wait for the future Tick, tick, tick You know how it goes Waiting as time slows Patients’ patience endure How much more Wait for the future Tick, tock, tick You know how it goes Waiting as time slows No debate… running late Flip-flop, flip-flop Slowing time’s rate […]

The World In Flux

In case you are mixed up The world is a flux It keeps on changing If times are the same Why the different name All the rearranging Et tu, Brutus? In the back of all of us Shaking my head in disgust … kicking up dust What will it take Not to make the […]

Our Rush Hour

Our rush hour Voltage thread Display of power ’til but one dead Understanding Last man standing Meaning we’re all going to die Procreate alone? No, not I No matter how hard I try Our race to end our race Congratulation! First place [We’ve got a winner… want a cigar or mug of beer? I […]

Picture This

Spend your life hanging on a wall Wondering if anyone is looking at all Canvasing the canvas with finesse A pallet of colors for a dress Picture this A perfect world… nothing amiss Picture this Spotlight above gives a light kiss Do you know Rembrandt or Picasso Have you had a brush with fame […]

Hearts Attack

Before it was too late The hearts heard of the hate Arm me with an army Heart attacks Plug the holes where love lacks Hearts attack The humanity comeback Before it was too late The hearts heard of our fate A leg up… arm me Heart attacks Quadruple bypass where love lacks […]

The Pendulum

Watching the pendulum swing Perpetual dumb on the wing You can try and try Piling lie upon lie But you can’t make the truth die The nation gasps a collective sigh Dumbfounded… why, why, why? The scales of justice must balance At heaven’s gate there’s no second chance Watching the pendulum swing It’s time […]

The Great Unknown

How long? Then, when? Will we right the wrong? Welcome to the unknown zone We’re sure we’re unsure OF the suffering to endure Gain the knowledge of pain Or in bliss remain? Welcome to the unknown zone No help to cry. No help to moan. Hoping I’m not alone For the raising of the […]

Yer Blues

Coversong originally made famous by The Beatles “Yer Blues” is a song by the English rock band the Beatles, from their titular 1968 album The Beatles, also known as “The White Album”. Though credited to Lennon–McCartney, the song was written and composed by John Lennon during the Beatles’ retreat in Rishikesh, India. The song is […]


The fading scene of the magazine Once the scourge of the forest Now it’s being put to rest Soon I hope to see The same thing happen to TV Maybe we can learn to earn The need to earn to learn An appreciation for the acquisition Of knowledge as privilege Today and forever more […]

Jigsaw Puzzle

I saw a jigsaw Puzzle Fallen to pieces Broken… old New life leases Put together Escaping never Trying to get the picture To ensure we’ll endure The art of the parts into a dream scene I can’t wait to see what we’ll be Our part in the heart of art The puzzle’s solution Our […]

The Future Past Life Blues

I read, “The late Alfred Doe” Late? He’s really dead, though Beyond tired… Expired Beyond past due He’s through I’ve got the future past life blues When I die Hope you stop by n’ say “hi” and “good-bye” When I die Hope you stop by Or at least try I heard, “The late Jane […]

War On Cancer

We’ve got a war on cancer The only problem… The cancer’s in her The war on the goblin The issue at heart Hard to tell them apart Throw out the baby With the bath water What about maybe We try to save her? We’ve got a war on terror The only error The terror […]

Authorized Personnel

Authorized personnel only Wonder if they’re lonely? What’s beyond the door Are there any more? Can it be realized How to be authorized Is there a center For “do not enter” What makes one special Features that are facial Does it all start Examining the heart Authorized personnel only Must be simply lovely What’s […]

A View

A view A window on the world What can I do To make the colors bold A view Red, yellow, blue The spectrum’s hue Point-of-view A view Out of the dark Into the new Be the spark (new knew, a new anew) A view Help me to see What can I do To enlighten […]


Better sit down The wheels go round Even if you can stand no longer There’s the support of the stronger As the wheels go round and round May freedom found abound As the wheels go round and round Freedom ringing is the sound Set yourself free Upward mobility The world you’ll see Semi-dependently […]

Fire Extinguisher

Extinguisher Put out the fire Extinguisher Situation dire Fanning the flames Higher and higher Political games Still transpire We’ll all retire Fire, fire, fire We’re all on fire Fire, fire, fire! Dowsing the flames Treat the heat Out shames and blames Devil’s defeat Fire fighter Extinguish fire Wrong righter Extinguish dire Fire Extinguisher.mp3 ABOUT […]

Still Awaiting

Still waiting Anticipating Don’t hesitate to wait Same space another place A waiting room boom Still waiting Anticipating Don’t procrastinate… wait! Same race another place A waiting room loom Still waiting Anticipating Regurgitate the wait Same taste another place Sick of the waiting room Still waiting Anticipating Can’t help but hate the […]

Doctor! Doctor!

Doctor! Doctor! Tell me what you knew Doctor! Doctor! Tell me what is new Doctor! Doctor! This ain’t the flu And I’m overdue Need a transfusion From this delusion Feel like mud Need new blood More radiation For cessation Know what I mean Can’t even scream Laryngitis Illness fights us The […]

Treat Meant

Treatment I meant Treat meant I scream Ice cream Take cake Candy Treatment I meant Treat meant Not to probe or poke Nor resentment stoke Treatment treat Treatment May it be pain free Void of annoyed A pleasant event Treatment Treat treatment Treat evident Heaven sent The kind kind-of treatment Treat Meant.mp3 ABOUT THE […]


Quick! Going to get sick The hospital makes me ill At the time, I was feeling fine Well, now my wellness is on the line Get me out of here Need air that’s clear Sound the alarm for harm Induction of infection Don’t want to learn of the germ My health is a gem […]

Running In Place

In a race Running in place Unaware Going nowhere Keeping pace Running in place Soon I found Gaining no ground Stagnant Like a plant Maybe I’ll grow on you Static Less than quick Clue: non-changing view Face-t0-face Running in place Now aware Going nowhere First place Running in place Running late To wait Running […]

X-ray Vision

Indecision X-ray vision I see a revision … can see right through you What the damage is going to do Make the decision X-ray vision Isotope probe You know you’re going to glow Can see right through you Envision revision X-ray vision On a mission Season of reason X-ray vision See inside me Internal […]

It’s A Gas

It’s a gas Surely we’ll pass In the meantime My heart burns In verse and rhyme My heart yearns Alas It’s a gas Life moving fast Present to past Hope to out last It’s a gas Did solid Did liquid Now the hour of our vapor State transfer Gas! Ssssss… Transparent as glass Into […]


Different? OK! Indifferent? No way! If you don’t care to care This is going nowhere The fashion of compassion is no fad Imagine how you’d feel if you never “had” Never had… never had had If yo never had clean water, would it matter? If you were cold and hungry how indifferent would you […]

Like Pulling Teeth

Good grief? Like pulling teeth Disbelief Pulling teeth (Open wide! You can’t hide!) The sound of the drill Makes me ill When you see the bill Feel ill still Get the grind Out of mind Try to find Someone kind The gravity of a cavity Weighs me down Dental crown King clown Phew! Relief […]

Ohh! Zone

Am I all alone? Prone to ozone Hold the phone… I’m not alone Don’t breathe Grieve Only way to relieve don’t breathe! Hold your breath ’till you turn blue Hold your breath It’s all you can do Tropospheric Sick, sick, sick No singing songs Damage the lungs Damage prolongs Swan song sung In the […]

Record Heat

I overheard It’s a record Too much sun Reigns on our fun When it’s too hot We can not This record heat Is beat …2,3,4 How much more? What we got Is too hot Getting difficult to endure Any more temperature Did you see the mercury Going […]

I’m Back

I’m back The facts I lack Thought I was done Thought I was gone Boy was I wrong The “treatment” goes on and on I’m back Relentless attack Just like before I’m back for more Show must go on ’til we see the light of dawn I’m back Found a new crack Body must […]

Can’t Wait To Wait

What? Where? When? What then? Should I anticipate To hurry up and wait? It’s too late to wait to wait No if? And? But then? Can’t be present At a non-event It’s too late to wait to wait Wow! Now? How? I vow… Can’t participate In hurry up and wait It’s too late to […]

Only Time

(tickin’, tickin’, tickin’) It’s only time Slipping, slipping, slipping It’s only time … not really mine Dripping, dripping, dripping There is no gripping Slipping through butter fingers A moment briefly lingers Then, it’s gone… so long Luckily for me It’s only time Any time is fine time Define time? Anytime is fine time The […]


I’m so lonely without you at home Yes it is It’s Chris I miss It’s so lonely at home without you Can’t hardly cry myself to sleep No matter how I weep I don’t know what to do When are you coming home I feel so all alone Where am I going now? I’ve […]

Wait-less / Weightless

Did you discover… Your complaint of having to wait Is over Yes, wait less Now you are wait-less Your weightless You’re weightless Same ole fate Meet-your-maker date They say… It could be any day Angels are your wings And other amazing things Unfurled Wonders beyond the world I think you’re seeing heaven Heaven, again […]


Feeling helpless Oh so helpless Alas, one more “unless”? Hopelessly helpless Helplessly hopeless I must confess I wish there was something I could do I wish there was something I could do… for you Feeling blue Turns to black There’s no turning back There’s no place to hide We’re along for the ride See […]

The Fortitude

The fortitude in you The attitude of fortitude Have you? I’ve got the fortitude In the key of blues Have you got it? Come on and get it Go get it Have you got it in you? Come on, do you? Do you, too? I’ve got the fortitude In the key of blues In […]

What To Do?

What am I suppose to do When there’s nothing I can do What am I suppose to do I’m asking you Gotta get back on my feet By keeping upbeat Defeat defeat When my heart’s complete Maybe if I help the world Before I get too old The idea ain’t that bold Oldest story […]


In Greek mythology, Charon is the ferryman of Hades who carries souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx. Written and recorded next to my mother while she fights cancer in home hospice. Style: Instrumental Chords: Em / D Em Recording: live video / digital stereo Instruments: Piano From the […]

Ours Soars With Angels

So, ours soars with the angels
All her children ring their bells
Joined the choir that sings with wings

Been being to other beings
As she’d be unto herself
Now an undercover angel
Doing well with spirit stealth

Been being to other beings
As she’d be unto herself
Now an undercover angel
Doing well with spirit (heaven’s) wealth

Been being to other beings
As she’d been unto herself
Now an undercover angel
Granted eternal health

So, ours soars with the angels
All her children ring their bells
Joined the choir that sings with wings

Ours Soars With Angels Instrumental.mp3

Ours Soars With Angels.mp3

Ours Soars With Angels (original voc/gtr track).mp3

This song was written at my mother’s empty bedside, as well as, beside her mother and father’s graves at Valley Forge Memorial Gardens.

Style: Alternative Rock
Chords: C D E +harmonics / C G D G / G F# C
Recording: digital 12-track stereo

Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Bells

From the album Doctor Please! Doctor, Please!
[Songs written in waiting rooms]
by Daniel Brouse