Playing The Game Of Living
(S.O.S. from

Da Music Machine

SOS Game Hints
Here are some helpful hints:

  1. About The Game
  2. Our original suggestion: a moratorium on human killing (at least for one day.)
  3. I Am A Philosopher
  4. The Golden Rule Of Social Justification

    This rule applies to all players and states:

    If responses of all players are not in accordance with each other, then all players on that team will be eliminated.

  5. Exactly What Econome Feared

  6. Who Is On What Team

  7. The Letter To Sarah

  8. The Sarah Check

  9. What Is A Non-cooperative Game?

  10. Hints, Clues & Things To Do

  11. Things We Know That Won't Work So Swell

  12. The $100 Answer

  13. The $1,000 Answer

  14. Why Love Won't Work & the Staying Alive Survival Guide

  15. The Sleeping Giant Vs. The Ghost In The Machine

  16. Player Input 2011

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