How this all got started:


I've just listen to Your supper's ready...

visual infographics are pretty good.. but the vocals... Are you on drugs? just fooling around... Arrange the voices and we'll talk business :)

come on! :)

keep in touch,
Peter Gabriel

ps Have you received advise from somebody on what to do with the money over supper's ready? :)

To: Peter Gabriel

hmmm... this is most interesting. what are the odds that you are "the peter gabriel"?

if you are, then you are probably the one person who might understand the vocal arrangement...

1) it is taken from a live performance (have you ever tried to sing it live? hehehe)
2) the vocalist isn't a singer... and was requested to do the vocals by a higher force:

And, God said: look to those who came before you. the answer lies in their words. (or more exactly -- the same voices that you listened to in your youth... the lyrics to the songs of your favorite rock music... contain the answers to your questions, and will help to guide you.... to where you want to go.)

yeah... i know... this all sounds quite odd.

but, when you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, it's not so wacky.

you see... it is my quest to serve humankind. and, my "obsessive passion" to do so was driving me crazy. i was in a desperate search for the perfect words to help get the message across. that's when the answer came... to quit looking inside... and to take a look around. it was that simple.

you said:

Arrange the voices and we'll talk business :)

i'd love to... do you know of any interested singers?

you said:

come on! :)
Have you advise somebody to do money over supper's ready? :)

money? this wasn't intended as a for-profit project. though, we are interested in the copyright implications.

in fact, a copyright/trademark attorney found the case quite interesting. U.S. copyrights are good for life + 50 years, right? and, suppers ready appears to be based on the new testament of the bible. if jesus was responsible for the publishing of the book of revelation, etc, is his copyright still valid?

i picture the court case something like Miracle On 34th St. (isn't that the name of the Santa Claus movie?)

C. Moore

To: C. Moore


Supper's Ready is vocally impossible :)

I couldn't do it live properly. I saw ray wilson do it.

sadly... It took 4 weeks to complete the voicing in Supper's Ready. You wanna sing properly, you can... but, go little bit down like I Know What I Like or Cinema Show.

Talking copyrights... nevermind... I was just being rude... I don't really mind, because it doesn't seem at a commercial rate.

It is a way of seeing Supper's Ready. The "new Jerusalem" part... is my way of showing the good going over the bad... and I did it in a vocal way... very hard and demanding. I oftenly "%$#*ed" up that part.

Infographics and animation, I worked with it before. Loved the experience... in fact in alot of my clips, "Steam, Sledge... ect..."

Keep in touch!
Peter Gabriel