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Games (Without Frontiers)
(interactive game development)

The Genesis of the Production

Approaching Easter weekend in the year 2000 AD

To: Al & Dave Brodie


anybody out there?

i believe i'm onto sumpin'... and that it could involve, forbidden records, or whatever.

shall i give you a call?


To: Daniel

I think David will be in around 3pm and later. What do you have cooking?


To: Al

r,r,r... and hehehe... that's purdy funny... that you should use the word cooking.

we're putting together a benefit concert called "a feast to benefit mankind"

therefore, i suppose i'm cooking up a feast?

so far, it's got a market value somewhere over 4 million dollars... probably around 6.2 million... and maybe approaching 8.4 million (according to the accountant.)

and, there is a strange irony that might play well with

if it sounds interesting, just say da word.


ps those are yesterday's numbers... they are dwarfed by today's.

To: Daniel

Being from the home of Mickey and Snow White, we are used to dwarfs. I can tell you, we are up for anything....

You can email me any particulars, if it would help expedite matters.


Phone call between Daniel & Dave Brodie:

Dave, we are working on a bunch of issues... like privacy, copyrights, natural resources, consumer protection, etc.

And, are you familiar with Real World Studios? Peter Gabriel? We're in negotiations to develop a virtual concert website, and are looking for any help we can get. This is the BIG TIME, and we are just little guys.

Dave responds: did I ever mention my degree is in environmental science? and, that I have some activist roots?

When it comes to the privacy rights issues, you might want to track down Clark Howard. He is a syndicated radio show hosts that is in to privacy rights. I think he is on in 30-40 markets. I can talk to an old professor of mine and some students from my alma mater, Rawlings.

On the artist side, I think Ian (Gillan of Deep Purple) is in town. I can talk to him.

Email back from Al Brodie:

I just looked at Real World's website. (WARNING: this link takes you to a page suspect of using cookies and Flash, and such.) Impressive studios. I do not know of work they do but do know of Peter Gabriel's good works. Funny coincidence, our Jill Towers cd was done at Parr Street Studios owned by Hit & Run (Phil Collins, Genesis). We do have some heavy-hitter contacts in artists, producers, and engineers if that will help.


the next day Dear Daniel,
I talked to David yesterday and your project sounds extremely interesting. Could you send us an overview and letters of commitment from Peter Gabriel's camp. We would be glad to sign any non-disclosure agreement, if you need. If you could fax me any info on the project and a statement of how we fit in and what you want us to do, my fax # is blah blah blah.



hmmm... ok. i sort-a got a different feeling from dave... and, was going to start publishing today. but, if ya want to wait ta get involved... when the project is more formalized, that's ok.

i'd guess i'll have something for ya in a month or two.

sound like a plan?


Dear Daniel,
No, you don't have to wait. We are very excited to get involved. I was meaning that I would like to get more info to stay on top of things and to get things rolling on our end.



good answer

i will call whomever ... whenever... or, if you email me saying, "we'll go with ya on faith"

i will go to town... and by sometime soon... maybe today... you will be able to follow along at home (ie or eg... or whatever... that is what i meant when i said publish today... you can read all about it... at the website.)

but, at the moment the website is just an outline that peter suggests we go forward with... so i is. (original outline)

rock n roll!

To: Mr. Caron
Public Relations Director
King Arthur Flour Co.
(America's Oldest Flour Company c. 1790)

dear mr. caron,

pursuant to your letter of january 7, 2000, i believe it may be time for us to talk.

the most important question i will have for you is, "do you try to be a socially responsible company."

if you feel the answer to this question is yes, we should talk.

thank you. i shall await your advice.


Dear Daniel,

Thank you for your reply. I certainly would like to talk more with you about this.

Your question about being a socially responsible company couldn't be a better one for us to answer. We fit this description quite ably, notso much by corporate philosophy or mission statement, but by our actions both on the job and off. A few examples:

 First and foremost, we are an employee-owned company, and quite broadly based, at that. Every full-time employee, regardless of position, earns stock based on wage and hours worked each year. This includes warehouse packers and CSR's, who comprise the bulk of our payroll. Frank and Brinna Sands, whose family has owned the company practically since its origins in 1790, see the ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) as a means of preventing a giant corporation like General Mills from buying us when they retire; Frank and Brinna are in their sixties now and none of their children are taking over the business. The bottom line is that people who do the work are the same people who are sharing the in equity of the company.

 Our company has always had progressive employment policies and thought of the workplace as a place to uphold "Arthurian" values. This stretches back quite a ways. Frank's grandfather went out of his way to hire Irish immigrants because, at the time, many other employers hung signs saying "Irish need not apply." (Company was located in Boston until 1984)

 King Arthur Flour and it's related varieties, (Bread Flour, Pastry Flour, etc), contain no chemicals, unlike most every flour available nationally. This is what we have become known for. The only thing in the flour is the wheat itself. (This, in fact is what led to the name King Arthur in 1896 because the Sands wanted a name to represent strength and purity.

 Due to the growth of our Baker's Catalogue, we had to build a new warehouse two years ago. We chose to build it on the site of a long-abandoned dairy processor, rather than build on a completely new site, although we paid more for the privilege of razing the old building and cleaning the site.

 We offer a program to middle schools called the Life Skill Bread Baking Program, in which we supply an instructor (one of our bakers) and enough two pound bags of flour for every student. The program calls for the kids to make the two-loaf recipe we teach them, then bring one of the loaves back to the school so that the school can bring them all to a food pantry or homeless shelter. This program is completely free to the schools. Since we began the program in 1992, we have taught close to 50,000 students to bake bread. We are able to conduct the program in about 20 schools each year.

 When we built a new office building in 1995, we donated 1,200 square feet to Vermont Public Radio, for their use a regional studio, which they "lease" each year for free. Many of us are big believers in Public Radio, and this was a way of making a lifetime pledge of support.

 Rather than give typical corporate Christmas gifts to our business partners, vendors, etc, we donate $10 in each of their names to the US anti-hunger group Share Our Strength. Each year's donation is between $2,000 and $2,500.

 We frequently get together in our test kitchen, or in our own homes, to bake hundreds of loaves of bread or batches of cookies for blood drives, battered women's shelters, school fund raisers, --you name it.

I don't want this to turn into a laundry list of good deeds. I want to somehow give you a glimpse into how we think and behave as a company. We like to be able to stand up and say that we're proud of what our products do and what we do as a business. More than any one example or event above, we're always thinking in that mode.

Well, sorry for the length of this. I can supply you with some copies of press clippings and such to assure you that what I say above is true. If anything, it may give you a more three-dimensional view of us than my e-mail and letter alone. If that's of interest to you, let me know of a postal address to use.

I hope this helps to show you who we are. I believe that we are a good candidate to stand behind the name, and I'd like to do what I can to assure you of the same.

Joe Caron

To: Joe


good answer!

tastey, indeed.


To: Al

Did you notice I listed Badfinger and The Beatles on the list?

Well, you guys have an unreleased Badfinger album... don't ya?

And, one of our friends was given a tape by The Beatles. Back in the day, Carl Gardner was admired by all the best musicians... including the Beatles. So, the story goes sumpin' like this: Carl is sitting in a bar in England. Paul and John (I can't remember who was there... maybe George and Ringo, too.) walk up to him and say how much they look up to him. Then, they hand him a tape... of Carl's songs... that they covered. The songs include two radically different versions of 3 Cool Cats. One sounds like the early Beatles... the second sounds way, way far out there.

Anyway, maybe these two things are related? Wouldn't it be nice if we could do something for Carl? He is a good guy.


Quote Of The Day

The phones are ringing off the hook.

I just sent email to Andy Cahan (The Turtles) and Barry Melton, Esquire (The Fish, of Country Joe & the...).

It's like a zoo around here.

To: Daniel

Hi there, what are you up to these day's?

Anything new in the pipeline?

Update me
All the best
Honey Bane


hehehe...funny you should ask

i just stepped down as pres. of my old company... and, we're trying ta put a webgig thingie together for peter gabriel

ouch... watch for falling angels!


ya wanna play?

lemme know,

To: Daniel

I'm always up for playing... you know back in the early 80's Peter Gabriel recorded a single with a friend of mine Jimmy Pursey at Trident studios in London. I met him at those sessions as I did some backing vocals on it. small world huh? I was struck by what a nice unaffected guy he was.

To: Honey

ya know when i met him back in the 80's, i thought exactly the same thing. now, that i am getting to know more about him... i am not sure if there is a better (living) example of a man?

From: Daniel

Thank you to the people who are signing up at Cause without people like you....

From Our New Friend:

Sammy Echeverry

SCIENCE help = aerospace sciences
THE ARTS help = music
THE ARTS help = multimedia
BUSINESS help = marketing

city = Carrollton
state = TX

Hi Daniel, I just got off the phone with Mike Beaudry and I have to tell ya, this guy is sizzling with excitement. I have known Mike since we were kids... and, I know he's a go getter... and, a hard worker... and, if he believes in something, he will give 110% and make it happen.

I want to be brief and to the point. I'm not clear about the direction of this project but the underlying values behind your concepts are right in line with my personal beliefs. God has given me many talents and opportunities and I want to use them to make a difference. Count me in on anything that I can contribute and let's make this thing bigger than we can imagine!

On the music side of things, I play guitar for the best Latin rock band in the US. And, if a hot shotlawyer or record executive tells me that "yeah, you're great but since you're over 30 we can't help you." We don't need to affiliate ourselves with them. If we can get our material out through new technologies, and give millions of people all over the world a chance to hear our music, we will have accomplished our goal...there's more, much more. e-mail me and let me know how I can help...

To: Mike

I just heard from Sammy. Wow! great.

By the way, did you ever here back from Lynn, at Y100? I was going to give her an exclusive on this. Looks like it's toooooo late now?

Lemme know?


dear john (debella),

we are working on a project for peter gabriel... and i thought you we're the guy that used to call 'em 'the patron saint'?

our people are trying to set up a meeting with blahblahblah (sp?) of 94 WYSP

but, it seems like something you might have an interest in as a human?

thank you. please let us know.


To: Daniel

(His name is spelled) BlaaBlahBlah will be an absolute waste of your time. I'll be surprised if he takes the meeting.

Are you working directly for Peter?
Is this some Peter world wide project or idea.

Keep in mind, Peter was more than the "Patron Saint," he's a friend of mine.



i dare not speak for peter.

however, i have started a coupla urls for the benefit

(i have not released this url to anyone else yet... but, do plan on taking it "live" at noon today.)

and, seems to be the page that is getting the most hoooopla

but, wadda i know... i am but a fool.

thank you for your time.


ps. and, a good friday to ya

To: My People

I have not abandoned you.


"The eyes of the world are watching now... WATCHING NOW!"

-- Peter Gabriel

The R.A.T.S.ssss (Responsibility Audit Team (Social, Safety, Secuirty, So on....)

The RATS are a thoroughly trained team. In our travels, we are constantly faced with the challenge of having to judge people's and corporations' intentions. How can we take advertisement money from a client who is inhumane to their customers? Or, from a company that pollutes on purpose? Or, from a civil rights group that advocates violence?

So, we have searched the world for the best and brightest. They now form our independent social audit team.

These guys are great! They bring all their own tools to fix any situation... from screwdriver to SLEDGE HAMMER.

A short list of bio's.

To: Larry, Esquire

As our head Ferry RAT, can you give me any news on the pending or proposed lawsuits against: LYCOS, Spyglass, AOL, Microsoft, NetNielsen/Nielsen Ratings, the FTC, E-machines, CDNOW, MP3.Com, BMG Entertainment (RCA & Arista Records), Sony (Columbia Records), Time Warner (Warner Brother, Atlantic & Elektra Records), and Universal Music (MCA & Polydor Records).

To: Daniel

How about to start with, I give you an exclusive on the filing against MP3.Com and the major record companies? I'm representing: LESTER CHAMBERS d/b/a The Chambers Brothers, CARL GARDNER d/b/a The Coasters, BILL PINKNEY d/b/a The Original Drifters, TONY SILVESTER d/b/a The Main Ingredient, on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated.

To: Larry, Esquire

Thanks... though it is a public document... isn't it? (hehehe.)

Anyway, I just got back from this gathering of humans. They all stood up and said, "Jesus is alive". As I've been in conversations with Peter Gabriel about the copyrights to Supper's Ready, it seemed relevant.

If you need any evidence, I saw the Channel 6 News crew was there shooting. Maybe they got some footage?

How long is a copyright good for? The author's life plus fifty years? Do you think that you could find some lawyers who want to help us collect his back royalties... on all the Bibles, etc.?

And, do you think we are talking about a lot of money? We've been authorized to collect it for him. (He has a lot of things to do... including feeding the people. Therefore, it would appear as though time is of the essence? We are allowed to invest his principal, and do what we can to "help out" with the interest, dividends and capital gains. Rumor has it that the "time value of money" has no meaning to him... hehehe. Maybe that is why he is so generous?)

If you think it will be a lot of money, please let me know. Tomorrow, I meet with Commerce Bank about KingArthur.Com's banking. (I think we'll really like banking with Commerce. So far, they've been a dream... but, that is a whole other story.) So, can ya let me know ASAP?

Hmmm... maybe I should prepare them to setup a bank account for every lawsuit? Are we getting money from LYCOS? Or, Spyglass? Cuz' I don't think we should co-mingle all these funds... should we?

ps He would probably like a recall, too. So, that he can correct all the errors. Thanx.

To: Daniel

Little strange to me... . I'm jewish, you know.

Larry, Esquire

To: Larry, Esquire

perfect... so is he.

to: Peter Gabriel


my side is splittin' open...

i was just gettin' a bit to eat... and, watching that regis dude on tv... "who wanna be a millionaire" show

ya ever hear of it? some sort'a big thing here in the states

anyhoo, regis sayz ta the contestant guy...

in the 198sumpin' movie "say anything", what song does lloyd play outside his girlfriend's window on a boombox... or sumpin' like that.

a) not right
b) in your eyes
c) bad answer
d) dumb answer

r,r,r... and it's the $64k question.

the guy doesn't know the answer... so, he uses one of his "life lines".

that doesn't work... so, without logic on his side, he just guesses... "a"


wrong answer!


if only he had tried to be your friend....


ps my wife thinks that question should be worth at least a 100k... she don't think ya should be lumped with no chump change.

To: Daniel

Yeah, I was in L.A for a couple of days, and I saw who wants to be a bastard :) (joking)

Peter Gabriel

Hehehe... i get it

To: Mike

Please pursue a meeting with 94WYSP:

94 WYSP: CBS Radio
101 South Independence Mall East
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 625-9460

Please explain to them that we are working on the benefit, and that we would like them to volunteer for a Social Responsibility Audit:

94WYSP's Impact on the Youth of the Greater Philadelphia Region

By the way, KingArthur.Com also made two stock acquisitions this morning:

  1. Infinity Broadcasting /DE (NYSE:INF)

    " Infinity Broadcasting Corp operates the radio broadcasting and outdoor advertising business of CBS Corporation. The Company engages in the outdoor advertising business via its wholly owned subsidiary, TDI Worldwide Inc., which sells advertising space on various media including buses, trains, train platforms and terminals throughout commuter rail systems, and on billboards and phone kiosks. TDI al so has sole rights to manage advertising space within the London Underground and on more than 90% of the buses in London and the United Kingdom, has the sole rights to transit advertising in the Republic of Ireland and parts of Northern Ire land, and has a variety of outdoor advertising displays in the Netherlands. The Company also has minority equity investment in Westwood One, through which it manages its CBS Radio Network. Westwood One is a producer and distributor of syndicated and network radio programming in the United States."

  2. CBS Corporation (NYSE:CBS)

    "CBS Corporation is one of the largest national radio and television broadcasters in the United States. The Corporation operates primarily through its Radio and Outdoor Advertising and Television business segments. The Radio segment consists of 160 AM and FM radio stations and the Corporation's outdoor advertising business. The Television segment consists of the Corporation's 14 owned and operated television stations, the television network and the cable business. During 1998, the Corporation formed Infinity, a new company comprising the Radio segment. Infinity also participates in the outdoor advertising business through its subsidiary, TDI Worldwide, Inc. which sells space on various media, including buses, trains, train platforms and terminals throughout commuter rail systems, and on painted billboards, thirty-sheet billboards, and phone kiosks. Through the CBS New Media division, CBS Corporation offers information and services at its various web sites."


Don't you think your tactics are a little intimidating? Why do you need lawsuits? And, why do you need experts like that on the RATS? Aren't you being socially irresponsible?

Concerned Citizens

Dear Concerned Citizens,

Please do not fear... we work very hard at making sure all of our people are Good people. However, if you feel anything we do... or anything any of our sponsors does... is unethical, immoral, and/or socially irresponsible please email

To answer your question about the make-up of the RATS, please consider the case study on 94WYSP.

On the first day of trying to setup a meeting with a potential sponsor (94WYSP), we have already invoked a goodly portion of occupations (such as, financial experts, lawyers, doctors, and nuclear experts.) A financial expert started the day asking question about acquiring stock in 94WYSP's parent company. As it turns out, this was no easy feat. A lawyer was also invoked to try n' figger out who owns who. After some poking and prodding, it appears as though 94WYSP is owned by Infinity Broadcasting, who is owned by CBS, who in turn appears connected to Westinghouse.

Westinghouse has a division called Westinghouse Government Environmental Services Company (WGES).

The Westinghouse Government Environmental Services Company (WGES) provides non-defense-related businesses with necessary environmental and remediation services. WGES is jointly owned by the Westinghouse Government Services Company (60 percent) and BNFL Nuclear Services Inc. (40 percent). WGES manages the Government Technical Services Division, West Valley Nuclear Services Company, the Waste Isolation Division, Westinghouse Anniston, and Safe Sites of Colorado.
Westinghouse Government Environmental Services
Energy Center Site
4350 Northern Pike
Monroeville, PA 15146
Executive: Ambrose L. Schwallie, President and Chief Executive Officer

So, like you, Concerned Citizen, I too felt afraid. Perhaps the RATS were in over their head?


Dear Doc:

Yipes! I thought we were going to be dealing with a little local radio station. Do we have the necessary experts on the RATS to deal with something like this?


To: Daniel

Hahaha ( said with a hearty belly laugh )... are you kidding me? Where should I start? How about John? Multi-organization (Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction)... need I say more?


To: Doc

Phew! I certainly don't want to misrepresent who and what we are... and, I don't want to tell the world we are taking on a social responsibility audit that we can't handle.

Thank you for putting our minds at ease.