Oh, Well (I Feel Swell)

Oh, Well .MP3 [Swell Mix]

There’s more to the story… weigh more… stay tuned?
The End

Original Version

additional words and music by Eric Visnov

Well, it's getting hard to tell, if we're living, living in hell
So be told the story goes, those who know dare not show
And those who don't, think they do
Well, let them talk and say to you, I feel Swell

Can you be kind to a man who is blind, who has simply lost his way?
Imagine his mind and what he must find, inside of his own brain
At last he is living when he starts singing those sweet song melodies
Once he is there he hasn't a care which piece will sell
I Feel Swell
So if you're feeling, feeling swell, come on give out a yell!