Palace At Farnese

The End perform Palace At Farnese with additional fractal animation. [Video / .mpeg]

Palace At Farnese .MP3

Palace At Farnese (Alternative Version) .MP3

by Eric Visnov & Joe Mancini / Performed by The End

A sumpin / E7 / E
B / D
A sumpin / E7 / E
D funky / Bm / A warfrat
F# / D - E


Drifting through the open sky, hanging there suspended in the air
Moving close within a view a distant land, come touch down if your chose
                See how the city's busy, everyone's in a hurry
                But the hillside rolls along with the breeze
A court servant directs you in, the people and their king are all waiting
The word was heard and being said, the dawn arrived at the Palace of Farnese