Reverb Of The Room

Eric Visnov, Anthony Zinno and Daniel Brouse band together as The End and perform Reverb Of The Room. [Video / DivX / MP4 / .AVI]

Reverb Of The Room [.MP3 / After Playing It Live Version]
Reverb Of The Room [.MP3 / Original Version]

by Eric Visnov
additional credits: Alex Phucas, Anthony Zinno, Daniel Brouse
performed by The End:
Eric Visnov -- Acoustic Guitar
Anthony Zinno -- Lead Vocals
Alex Phucas -- Electric Guitar
Daniel Brouse -- Organ

A song inspired by a New Year's Eve Party, the music scene in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and performing at the Steel City Coffee House, Phoenixville, PA.


Downstairs in a basement, working late again
Expecting what you’re gonna do, is oh so different
Well, I believe you catch the drift and, it ain’t so hard to do
When you’re high and thinkin’, in the reverb of the room
Well, I see a sea of faces, and tell me how you feel
Well, call it wrong or call it right, or call it what you will


Well, I came across this coffee shop, down on Bridge and Main
And, there’s a girl who’s drinking there who thinks that we’re all crazed
Well, I believe in symmetry and, it and so hard to do
Just connect the dots in which you walk, in the reverb of the room

Lots of luck with scrambled thoughts in the reverb of the room