Song X

Song X .MP3

by Eric Visnov / Performed by The End

A / Em / G
D / A / G
Em / C / D


The Leaves on the trees are changing, but the people are all the same
The Devil lies behind your eyes and he knows us all by name
The Children of the river are all slaves to their domain
But the whole world will never know, to love or share their pain
The Days have all grown longer, and innocents is gone
All along just wait for life and wonder
In this situation, and given the occasion, the musical vibration
Of My Love
Time will tell when we’re done, when the race is lost and won
Will you be here, Or back home all alone?
When you start to reminisce, about how it could come to this
You’ll find that you are right where you belong 
(P.S. Tim Smith gets a credit on this ONE!!!!!!!!!)