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To whom it may concern:

Via the USA postal service, I received a summons from the Whitpain Township Police. Since I can not read the "Name of Officer," nor the time, I am unable to understand the charge against me. The only plead I can think of is that of ignorance. To the best of my knowledge, I was not in the presence of any police officers on the date in question.

The only thing I can assume this to be is continued harassment and terrorism being conducted by my wife, Janet M Brouse, the neighbors, and the Whitpain Township Police Department. On multiple occasions, I have been assaulted and threatened by the Department. In one of those instances, I ended up in the emergency room. In two other incidents, I was forced to call 911 in fear of the Police Department. They have terrorized both of my children, going so far as to take custody of my daughter against court order. On the night of July 21, 2007, two police officers literally threatened my life.

I have talked to their Sergeant Of Internal Affairs, the Chief of Police, the Pennsylvania State Police, the Township Manager, the Township Solicitor and the District Attorney in attempts to have my complaints heard, but to no avail.

Since I can not represent that I would be making the plea "knowingly, voluntarily and intelligently," I have crossed out that line of the citation and initialed it. Since the summons states "failure to indicate a plea when forwarding the amount equal to the above total will result in a guilty plea being recorded," I have signed the "NOT GUILTY" plead.

In the meantime, the harassment continues. On more than one occasion in the last several weeks, the police have been called by the neighbors forcing people to flee my residence in fear. For instance, the other day I was sitting on my front porch. My daughter accidentally startled me. I let out a "yelp." Once again, the neighbors called the police and a marked car arrived within minutes. The girls (my daughter and her friend) ran out of the house in terror.

So, please take into consideration that I am in fear of the Department and would be afraid to appear in the same courtroom with a Whitpain Township police officer.

Thank you. I shall await your advice.

Brief History Of Events

  1. On Good Friday, 2006, A neighbor, called the Whitpain Township Police while I was being physically attacked by Janet Brouse. The police arrived and assumed the male was the aggressor. All I did was open the door when the police knocked. They grabbed me and pulled me from my house. Though I did not resist in any way, shape or form, a couple of the police officers used excessive force placing me in restraints. This resulted in my admittance and treatment at the emergency room.
  2. After my wife filed a false police report, The Whitpain Township Police arrived at my house in an attempt to take my children. Neither child wanted to go with the police nor their mother. My daughter hid under the bed, but in the end she is forced to go with the police. My son is old enough that the police allowed him to stay with me.
  3. On July 21, 2007, my son and I attempted to file criminal complaints with the Whitpain Township Police Department. We were refused. My life was threatened by the two detectives. I called 911.
  4. I started the process of going through the disciplinary chain of command to file a complaint against the Whitpain Township Police Officers. This included, but was not limited to, The Whitpain Police's Sergeant of Internal Affairs, The Whitpain Township Chief of Police, The Whitpain Township Manager, The Whitpain Township Solicitor and the Montgomery County District Attorney.
  5. My son was prepared to testify that his mother beat him. A custody agreement was reached giving me back 50% custody. The two police officers that had threatened my life showed up at court that day and were prepared to commit perjury. The only reason they did not testify is that my son testified to the lawyers that it was Janet Brouse that physically assaulted him.
  6. Janet Brouse, her friends, and the Whitpain Township Police terrorized me and my daughter. I called 911 to prevent their forced entry into my house. Again, my daughter attempted to hide. However, the police took her from me AGAINST my court ordered custody.
  7. The neighbors, my wife and the Whitpain Township Police continued to stalk, harass and terrorize my household.
  8. On May 8, 2007, I returned home to find my house had been broken into and my computers missing. I called 911 to report the situation to the police. However, when the Whitpain Township Police arrived, they attacked me. Though I was unarmed, they pointed loaded guns at me and smashed my body against the ground. They then manhandled me putting on handcuffs. I did not resist them at any point in time nor was I arrested. They took my cameras and threw them on the ground in an attempt to break them. Their treatment resulted in my admittance into the emergency room. No valid reason was given for the seizure of my computers by the police.
  9. Claiming they had seen "rifles" during their raid, the Whitpain Township Police returned on May 10th in response to a fraudulent "protection from abuse" order filed by Janet Brouse. I was handcuffed to a wall for 5 hours while the police searched my home for firearms. Though none were found, Detective Potter arrested me, anyway. I was held for almost 24 hours before being released on $25,000 bail.

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