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Jason Olim (, Mellon Bank, Fidelity Investments, First Union Bank, Bill Clinton, E-machines, Datek Stock Brokerage, AOL, Bill Gates & Microsoft



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Games (Without Frontiers)
(interactive game development)

Music & Multimedia Development

Exodus | Leviticus

The Genesis of the Production

The production crew and business teams are working on making the benefit a reality. Would you like to listen in?

People keep aksing:

What are you cookin' up?

Well, we've been... Caught Up Inda Works.

dear friends,

i just realized sumpin'...

you think those people in the "logic free zone" got any of my emails?

or, did they all shut their email servers down due to the love bug?

ooooooh.... woooooah is me.

if laughter doesn't kill me, irony will.

do you know what i'm saying?

i'm writing them because of an event exactly like this... is not safety of property and life in question?

... and, are the gov't agencies part of the problem... in fact, might they be the most scary part of the problem?

ouch... it's killin' me


ps i faxed em... and am puttin' a hardcopy in snailmail... just in case.

From: Help Desk

dear jonj,

Today, May 5th at 09:44 o'clock you sent me the ILOVEYOU virus.

1) As this virus has been so well publicized, I am taking this as a deliberate attack on our system.

2) Also, we have been in security discussions with your company since 1995. Therefore, this can not be ignorance on your part, can it?

Please be advised that an investigation into this matter has begun.

Thank you.


cc: Lawrence E. Feldman & Associates

ps. How did you make out with David Bowie and the Bowie Banc thing? Once again, I would like to offer our security services to you. Please feel free to call... if you email is not working.

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