Step-by-step Abuse Guide (Chronology of Events)

  1. Janet Brouse escalates verbal, psychology, sexual, and physical abuse upon her spouse. (Example / Traducción en español | Traduzione in Italiano)
  2. Cindy, a neighbor, calls the Whitpain Township Police while I'm being physically attacked by Janet Brouse. The police arrive and assume the male is the aggressor (resulting in my hospitalization.)
  3. My son is psychologically, emotionally and physically abused by his mother, Janet Brouse.
  4. Janet Brouse abandons her family, files a false police report and a false protection from abuse order (PFA).
  5. The Whitpain Township Police arrive at my house in an attempt to take my children. Neither child wants to go with the police nor their mother. My daughter hides under the bed but in the end she is forced to go with the police. My son is old enough that the police allow him to stay with me.
  6. My son and I attempt to file criminal complaints with the Whitpain Township Police Department. We are refused. My life is threatened by the two detectives. I call 911.
  7. I start the process of going through the disciplinary chain of command to file a complaint against the Whitpain Township Police Officers. This includes, but is not limited to, The Whitpain Police's Sergeant of Internal Affairs, The Whitpain Township Chief of Police, The Whitpain Township Manager, The Whitpain Township Solicitor and the Montgomery County District Attorney.
  8. Due to her past physical violence against her spouse and son, a Montgomery County judge signs a Protection From Abuse Order (PFA) protecting the father and children from Janet Brouse.
  9. Janet Brouse and Cheryl Sattin, Esquire file fraudulent documents at the Montgomery County, PA Courthouse.
  10. My son is forced to testify that his mother beat him. A custody agreement is reached giving me back 50% custody.
  11. Janet Brouse, her friends and the Whitpain Township Police terrorize me and my daughter. I am forced to call 911 to prevent their forced entry into my house. Again, my daughter attempts to hide. However, the police take her from me AGAINST my court ordered custody.
  12. My son is taken from me against his will.
  13. Janet Brouse returns to my house and is witnessed going into one of her rages. [David's Account / Mike's Account]
  14. This Website Ain't No Stinkin' Emergency! (Doi, It's the Child Abuse)
  15. Both children still express a desire to be living with their father and are prepared to testify against their mother.
  16. Janet Brouse continues to mentally abuse the children. Prior to the kids testifying against her, she refuses to allow them refuge.
  17. The kids are forced to testify.
  18. The Judge ruled, "The kids are delightful!"
  19. Janet Brouse files another emergency petition. This time she is trying to have her husband and children evicted from their home. Though the children lived in the house their entire lives, their friends like to come play, their sister and family pets are buried on the property, etc., Janet is trying to have them thrown out. There does not appear to be a reason for this latest abusive action.
  20. Once again, the children are forced to prepare to testify against their mother. The children do not want to sell their house! It is their home.
  21. Because this website is being entered as evidence and read as testimony, the children's voice was heard in court without them having to appear in person. Thank you, God!
  22. As of this date, Janet Brouse continues to be abusive to her family. Though no contact has been with her since she abandoned the family in July of 2006, Janet is attempting to use the legal system and the sheriffs office as a delivery mechanism for her abuse. Her lawyer, Cheryl Sattin, has yet to rein her client under control. Their desperate attempts at self-preservation are causing permanent damage to the children.
  23. After all the judges ruled in favor of the First Amendment, and against Janet Brouse, she went ballistic. At the moment, she is in the middle of a tizzy fit. Because of the length of her extremities, Janet Brouse should be considered "armed" and dangerous. If at all possible, hide from her.

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How Cathy Morgan Abuses Me & Her Son

  1. Cathy Morgan, Janet Brouse, Cindy-lou-who and The Whitpain Township Police bear false witness against me.
  2. Cathy Morgan refuses to allow her son to go home.
  3. Cathy Morgan refuses to allow her son liberty at play.
  4. Cathy Morgan's lawyers and Cheryl Sattin, Esquire violate Pennsylvania Legal Ethics.

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